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Aquarium Services

Are you interested in buying and installing a custom aquarium thereby adding an underwater oasis to your home?  Have you ever wanted to amaze your guests with a stunning aquatic exhibit?

Nobody can remain indifferent in front of an aquarium and we often stay long moments to observe this natural spectacle.
The benefits of this relaxing observation on the human mind are today recognized by medicine.
To feel this positive sensation in front of an aquarium, it should not be a problem .

It means having healthy fish, clear water and easy maintenance.
Being under glass, restricted to itself, the aquarium is subject to a biological balance.
In many cases, poor maintenance brings many problems.
In addition, an aquarium requires a minimum regular maintenance that we often neglect over time.
Unfortunately the inexperienced aquarist gives up quickly because of frustration due to problems or lack of time.

Thanks to our service, you are sure to enjoy all the benefits of the aquarium without the inconvenience of installation and maintenance.

Our services are available to everyone, whether you have a 10-gallon aquarium with a goldfish or a 280-gallon aquarium with seawater.
We can do a unique intervention that does not commit you to anything or a regular maintenance .

We are here to help you.Call 91-0-9830161916 


Our Custom Aquatics team can design any custom aquarium exhibit that you can dream up. From a section of the Amazon displayed in your entrance way to “Sponge Bob’s Bikini Bottom” in your child’s room, our aquarium installation professionals have designed it all. Have your clients or guests dazzled by a naturalistic display of the Caribbean, Australian, Hawaiian, or tropical Asian waterways. We can add one of these breathtaking displays to your home or business today! 


Our professional team of advanced aquarists have years of experience servicing and installing the  aquariums, we sell in a wide variety of situations. We have maintained aquariums in residential homes, in commercial offices, and in educational facilities. We have also worked successfully with various governmental institutions. Let our custom aquarium sales, installation and service experience guide you to a breathtaking display of nature tailored to your specific needs.